Real-time Controllable Motion Transition for Characters

Published in ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. Siggraph 2022), 2022

Xiangjun Tang, He Wang, Bo Hu, Xu Gong, Ruifan Yi, Qilong Kou, and Xiaogang Jin.



Real-time in-between motion generation is universally required in games and highly desirable in existing animation pipelines. Its core challenge lies in the need to satisfy three critical conditions simultaneously: quality, controllability and speed, which renders any methods that need offline computation (or post-processing) or cannot incorporate (often unpredictable) user control undesirable. To this end, we propose a new real-time transition method to address the aforementioned challenges. Our approach consists of two key components: motion manifold and conditional transitioning. The former learns the important low-level motion features and their dynamics; while the latter synthesizes transitions conditioned on a target frame and the desired transition duration. We first learn a motion manifold that explicitly models the intrinsic transition stochasticity in human motions via a multi-modal mapping mechanism. Then, during generation, we design a transition model which is essentially a sampling strategy to sample from the learned manifold, based on the target frame and the aimed transition duration. We validate our method on different datasets in tasks where no post-processing or offline computation is allowed. Through exhaustive evaluation and comparison, we show that our method is able to generate high-quality motions measured under multiple metrics. Our method is also robust under various target frames (with extreme cases).


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